Saturday, June 9, 2012

Wowza and Red5 same server

Sometimes it is useful to have  Wowza and Red5 on the same server. As both use the same ports, you have to change them in one applicattion.

Wowza default ports:

The following ports are used by default by Wowza Media Server 3 for streaming. You will need to open up these ports on your firewall to enable streaming. 

  • TCP 1935: RTMP (all variants), RTSP, Smooth and Cupertino Streaming
  • UDP 6970-9999: RTP UDP Streaming
  • TCP 8084-8085: JMX/JConsole Monitoring and Administration
  • TCP 8086: HTTP Administration

Red5 default ports:
  • RTMP: 1935
  • RTMPT: 8088
  • HTTP servlet engine port: 5080
  • Debug proxy port: 1936

Here is how to do change ports in Red5:

The first file we need to modify is the server properties file located in the conf directory:
  • Locate the http.port key and change it to 80 (or whatever you want)instead of 5080
  • Locate the proxy.source_port an change it to 1937 (or whatever you need)
  • Do not change the rtmpt.port entry, it should be 8088
  • Save and close the file
  • If you have any webapps do not forget to modify the ports in the red5/webapps/yourapp/config.xml
  • restart Red5