Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Amazon Web Services: Object Expiration to S3 Files

The management of temporary files, logs, media files, etc. at AWS will be easier. Amazon has just added object expiration, which allows developers set up rules for the automated deletion of files stored in S3.
Object Expiration allows the scheduled removal of objects after a defined time period.
Developers can add rules for deleting files with a specific prefix (like logs/ or photos/) and set the expiration period (in days) for objects.
Version-enabled can't have object expiration. For more information, check out the specific S3 developer guide on the AWS Documentation site.

1 comment:

  1. Amazon S3's Object Expiration is an awesome feature for the users who want their data on s3 for a period of time and after that it should be
    deleted automatically by Amazon S3.
    You can try my very own tool bucket explorer to use the services of S3 and manage data at S3 on Windows,Mac and Linux…
    Now Bucket Explorer is available with full support of Object Expiration.